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Ottawa’s Top Home Inspectors

We have gathered data on the Ottawa’s top home inspectors. A home inspection in Ottawa can cost anywhere between $300 and $500. It depends on the size of the house or sometimes the age of the house. 

Home inspectors are now using hand sanitizer and wearing masks to protect everyone from getting infected. 

Residential Inspection

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination and analysis of a home’s structure and systems. Our inspector will identify any material ….

New Home Inspection

 if you’re buying a home under construction, you should hire an inspector twice. The first time is so he can look over …

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Service is not your typical builder i.e. ‘Braindead and hammer heavy’. A lot of thought goes into the planning ….

Home Maintenance

Install new shower doors, replace broken tiles, stop a leaky toilet, repair a faucet—the bathroom gets a lot of use and abuse. Thankfully, our experienced handymen can do it all …


I was looking for assurance that my inspection would be thorough and provide reliable results. Chris really delivered on this. He arrived very early and began inspecting the home exterior even before the arranged time.

Vivian C

“Martin knows. He rarely needs to rely on speculation. I’m always impressed with him. Worth every cent. My go to home inspector. If you’re an agent and you haven’t used Chris, you should!

John C

“Martin did a great job of inspecting a house for me. He is very knowledgeable and detailed-oriented. I learned a lot about the details behind the walls after the inspection was done. I highly recommend him

Behnoush A

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” A home inspection is not the same as a home appraisal, which is required and scheduled by a lender to determine the value of a property for which a buyer is seeking a mortgage. “

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