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New Home Inspection

Handover Inspection

A handover inspection is a service for new house buyer and takes place prior to the buyer taking possession of their new home, once the building work has been completed.

Commercial Inspection

You may see the potential of the property to be your tools for earning money. When you lack time and the knowledge to assess the building condition, can cost you thousands of monies in unexpected repairs or rectification costs.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Unlike newly-launched properties, purchasers of secondary homes do not have the luxury of a defect liability period in which buyers have the right to make a claim for defective workmanship.

Rectification Consultation

We do provide the services including submit the defects report to the developer and follow up for the progress for defects rectification to an acceptable standard.

Defects Re-inspection

Re-inspect services are required after the developer did the rectification works. A defect report will be provided by us and submit to the developer once the rectification work is done.

Quality Defects Report

A professional inspection and report will provide accurate information on defects that require attention so that remedial works are undertaken to a suitable standard.

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